Join Us

Our membership year runs from 1 September to 31 August of the following year. The membership fees for 2019–2020 are:

  • Individual £45.00
  • Joint membership (two people in a family relationship at the same address) £80.00

Please download the membership application form (PDF file), pay the membership fee, and return your application as indicated on the form.

Please note that HGS U3A does not offer a discount to members of other U3As. Also please note that membership is not transferable to a spouse, partner, someone living at the same address or across programme years.

Joining a Group

Once you have become a member of HGS U3A you can apply to join any group by contacting the Group Leader using your Members’ Handbook or you can sign up using the form on the Contact page, selecting “Application to join group(s)” from the Subject drop-down menu.  You will then be contacted by the Group Leader. If there is a waiting list for a group you can still register your interest as a parallel or new group may be formed at a later date.

Where a group involves physical activity, members must be sufficiently fit to participate. In some cases, such as yoga and Pilates, participants will be required to fill in a confidential form declaring any health issues.

Leading a Group

We’d be delighted if you have an idea for a new group that you could lead or help to organize.  HGS U3A follows a mutual aid principle of all U3As and is run by members who volunteer their experience and time for the mutual benefit of its members. If you have a suggestion for a new group that you would be willing to run, please use the appropriate form on our Contact page.