About Us

Our aim is to offer a diverse array of opportunities for individuals to come together and engage in enjoyable and enriching learning experiences. Our community encourages members to explore new ideas, acquire new skills, and participate in various activities collectively. Our focus is on the joy of learning, with no formal qualifications required.

To achieve this, we organise a wide range of activity groups, currently numbering around 60. These groups encompass a variety of indoor, outdoor, and virtual Zoom activities, spanning topics such as history, languages, humanities, crafts, art, design, photography, technology, and even discussions on pressing issues like climate change. You can find a comprehensive list of these groups on our website.

In addition to our activity groups, we also host monthly Topical Talks that are open to everyone. Currently, our community comprises over 600 members, primarily based in Hampstead Garden Suburb, but with a significant presence in the surrounding areas of North London as well.

Join us in our quest for lifelong learning and shared experiences!