Computers, Science & Technology

Computer Support and Workshops

If you would welcome some help with basic computing skills such as:

  • Accessing and browsing the Internet
  • Setting up an email account and sending emails
  • Hosting or attending Zoom or Skype meetings
  • Creating and saving files
  • Opening attachments
  • Internet banking and payments
  • Security and passwords

We are pleased to announce that Mr Neng Chong, Computer Specialist, is available to our members, to deal with basic computing, such as email, Internet, dealing with attachments, etc.

  • Neng is offering one-on-one support by email and video conferencing. Neng will also help with setting up and using Skype and Zoom.
  • Please book via the Contact Page

In-person computer workshops will be held monthly in the Free Church in the centre of Hampstead Garden Suburb.

  • Start date: 28 September
  • When: Wednesday 4.30–5.30 pm
  • Location: Practice Room, Free Church, North Square, NW11 7AA
  • Frequency: Monthly