HGS U3A Trustees

Chair: Richard Abramson
Treasurer: Arjun Matthai
Secretary: Mayah Weinberg
Margaret Bendor
Malcolm Brahams
Myke Jacobs
Eleanor Levy
David Powers
Tina Stanton

To contact the trustees, please email chair@hgsu3a.uk

Meet The Trustees

Richard AbramsonRichard Abramson was co-opted as Trustee in December 2019, and his role as Trustee was confirmed by election in July 2021.  He chairs Trustee meetings and leads on matters of policy.  Richard currently runs two Shakespeare study groups, having been group leader for Shakespeare since the HGS U3A began.  His career was as an actuary, specialising in corporate pensions.  After retirement in 2012 he took a masters in Shakespeare at Royal Holloway College.  Since January 2019 he has been president of Brondesbury Sports Club, an association which rests on his love of tennis.  He is involved with Hampstead Synagogue and with the School of Philosophy and Economic Science in London.

Margaret Bendor was co-opted as Membership Secretary in January 2019 and elected as Trustee in July 2019. She handles applications for membership and renewals and maintains members’ records.

Malcolm BrahamsMalcolm Brahams was elected as a trustee in July 2021. As one of the two Groups Organisers with Tina Stanton he helps groups find premises, assists group leaders in the establishment and running of their groups and refers members to the groups in which they are interested. He was a founder member of HGS U3A and leads the Current Affairs and Play Reading groups. He is a keen member of the Photography in London, Wine Tasting and French  Conversation groups and also makes amateur videos.  A retired solicitor, he was a partner in several West End firms specialising in property law. He was until recently a Council Member of the Medico-Legal Society and continues to edit their website.

Myke JacobsMyke Jacobs was elected as a Trustee in July 2021. His responsibilities include arranging our monthly Topical Talks, external publicity and hybrid meetings. He was a founder member of HGS U3A and has been the leader of our Photography in London group since 2017. He was a tax lawyer in the City of London for 35 years and has been a trustee of several charities, including Chairman of Kidasha, a charity working for disadvantaged children and young people in Nepal. He is a long distance walker and enjoys trekking in Europe and the Himalayas.

Eleanor Levy was co-opted in March 2019 to assist with groups organisation and confirmed by election at the AGM in July of the same year. Currently, her main responsibility is production of the monthly Newsletter.

Arjun MatthaiArjun Matthai became a Trustee in April 2018. He is Treasurer and, in this role, is the primary person who deals with all the financial and regulatory matters of HGS U3A. He was the person primarily responsible for converting HGS U3A into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in March 2019, the first u3a in the UK to adopt this corporate form of business designed for charitable organisations. He represents HGS U3A at meetings of London Region of u3as. He is an active participant in a number of HGS U3A groups including Table Tennis, Thames Path and Other Walks and Climate Emergency. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant with a Big Four firm in the City of London and then worked as an international Banker for 40 years, including long stints in London, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Singapore and Mumbai and specialising in Debt Capital Markets (including Structured Finance).

David PowersDavid Powers has been involved in the running of HGS U3A since its inauguration in 2017 and was elected a Trustee at the first Annual General Meeting in July 2018. He is responsible for the website and printed publicity material, as well as the distribution of the monthly Newsletter. He runs the Thames Path and Other Walks group. David spent most of his professional career as a BBC radio and TV journalist, and was based in Tokyo for nine years, where he was Michael Palin’s guide to the city in Around the World in Eighty Days. After leaving the BBC, he devoted his time to writing books and creating video training courses about website development. David is a member of the Beacon Documentation and Training Team helping support other u3as throughout the country. Since the first lockdown, he’s become a passionate runner, and you can often see him zipping through Big Wood and across the Heath Extension, and as a regular participant in Hampstead Heath Parkrun.

Tina StantonTina Stanton was re-elected as a Trustee in July 2021 and is currently acting as Joint Groups Organiser along with Malcolm Brahams.  She was a founder member of HGS U3A originally acting as Secretary.  She is the Group Leader for HGS U3A Evening Book Group which is now in its third year. Tina worked for the Royal College of Nursing for 25 years working with nurses on their continuing professional development. She is a volunteer with Hampstead Garden Suburb Community Library and Healthwatch Barnet.  She enjoys Pilates, walking on the Heath Extension with her West Highland terrier and helping to look after her grandchildren.

Mayah WeinbergMayah Weinberg, HGS U3A Secretary, was elected in July 2021, having been co-opted as a Trustee earlier in the year. She keeps a record of discussions and decisions taken by Trustees at their meetings. She was responsible for interpreting members’ responses to the surveys held in 2017 and 2021. Her background was in editing and, more recently, as a Hansard reporter in the House of Commons. She retired in early 2017 and joined HGS U3A at its launch. She hopes to rejoin the walking group after recovering from knee surgery.