Food & Drink

Indian Cookery

Leader: Shirley Lal

Vegetarian Indian meal

Learn and enjoy the delights of North Indian cuisine in a friendly atmosphere in the leader’s home.

The programme starts with vegetarian dishes and will develop. Ingredients will be provided to members at cost.

  • When: Thursday 1.00 pm
  • Location: Leader’s house in NW11
  • Frequency: Second Thursday of the month
  • Number of places: 6 per session

Wine Appreciation

Leader: Malcolm Brahams, with support from Valerie Cowan

Do you enjoy wine and want to learn more about it in a relaxed and informal way? Then join our Wine Appreciation group and improve your knowledge.

Members of the Wine Group raise their glasses
Members of the Wine Appreciation Group take their wine seriously — and with great pleasure

Valerie Cowan, a member of the Association of Wine Educators who has led this group since its inception, is taking a well-earned rest but still keeping a watchful eye. Individual members take turns in choosing a selection of wines (usually three each of white and red) and introducing them. After tasting the wine, we discuss what we liked or disliked about each one. We drink wine because we like it; not because we’re wine snobs.

  • Location: Fellowship House, 136a Willifield Way, London NW11 6YD
  • When: Monday 2.30–4.00 pm
  • Frequency: Usually third Monday of the month
  • Cost: Usually £7.50 per session to cover the wine and nibbles
  • All participants must have received both doses of a covid-19 vaccine (this is a requirement of Fellowship House, where the sessions are hosted)