At Home

If you can’t attend our meetings and groups in person or simply prefer to participate online, the following sessions are available on Zoom. The Frequency column indicates how often meetings are held:

  • W: weekly
  • F: fortnightly
  • M: monthly (or every four weeks)
Monday8.30–9.15WItalian Conversation (intermediate)
Monday9.15–10.00WLearn Latin
Monday9.45–10.45WFrench (Advanced)
Monday11.00–12.00WFrench (Intermediate)
Monday11.00–12.30WDrawing for Beginners
Monday2.00–3.30MDrawing for Improvers
Tuesday12.00–1.00WMindfulness & Wellbeing
Tuesday2.00–3.00FFrench Conversation
Wednesday10.30–12.00MPhotographyEvery four weeks members show photos taken on location two weeks earlier
Wednesday2.00–3.00WCryptic Crosswords (Intermediate)
Wednesday2.30–3.30FTai Chi
Wednesday3.30–4.30FCryptic Crosswords (Beginners)
Wednesday3.30–5.00FCurrent Affairs II
Wednesday5.00–6.00FSpanish Conversation
Thursday3.30–5.00MJazz AppreciationLast Thursday of month
Thursday3.30–5.00WCryptic Crosswords (Advanced)
Friday10.00–11.00WDrawing & Watercolours

Contact our joint groups organisers for more details or to join one or more groups, and to get the Zoom link for the session(s) you want to attend. If you’re unsure how to use Zoom, just ask us for help.

National u3a Online Events

As a member of HGS u3a, you are entitled to participate in a wide range of national u3a talks, workshops, and courses. The offerings are constantly updated on the national u3a website, where you can also sign up to receive a monthly email with details of forthcoming online events.