Groups Organized by Day

Not all groups meet every week, so it’s quite possible that you can attend groups that are held at the same time on different weeks. To join groups, go to the Contact page and fill in the form, selecting Application to join group(s) from the options.

The Freq column indicates the frequency of group meetings, as follows:

  • W — weekly
  • F — fortnightly
  • M — monthly
  • V – varies

The Type column indicates how the group meets:

  • P — in person
  • Z — online using Zoom
  • H — hybrid (in person and online)


Time Group Freq Notes Type
8.30–9.15 Italian Conversation —  Intermediate W Z
9.15–10.00 Learn Latin W Z
9.45–10.20 French Improvers — Advanced W Z
10.00–11.30 Science, Nature and Technology M H
10.30–11.30 Remarkable Women of their Time M P
10.30–12.45 Cinema Group M P
11.00–12.00 French Improvers — Intermediate W Z
11.00–12.00 Poetry M 1st Monday P
11.00–12.30 Drawing for Beginners W Z
2.00–3.30 Drawing Improvers Every 4 weeks Z
2.00–3.30 Yiddish Conversation F Z
2.00–4.00 Astronomy — Beyond the Stars M Usually 1st Monday P
2.30–4.00 Wine Appreciation M Usually 3rd Monday P
2.30–4.30 Lawn Bowls Summer season only P
5.00–6.00 Singing for Pleasure W P
7.30–9.30 Monday Evening Book Group M P
9.30–13.00 Cycling W Meet outside St Judes, South Square, NW11 P
10.00–11.30 Weird Antiques, Gadgets & Contraptions M P
10.00–11.30 Shakespeare Study Group 1 W H
10.00–12.00 History of London 2,000 Years of a City F Alternate weeks to History Speaking (starts 17 Sept) P
10.30–1.00 Tuesday Morning Art W P
10.45–12.15 The Musicals M Usually 3rd Tuesday P
10.45–12.45 History Speaking F Alternate weeks to History of London (starts 10 Sept) P
12.00–1.00 German — Advanced Conversation W P
12.00–1.00 Mindfulness & Wellbeing W Z
12.00–1.00 Table Tennis W Beginners and intermediates P
1.00–2.00 Table Tennis W Beginners and intermediates P
2.00–3.00 French Conversation F H
2.00–4.00 History Speaking F Starting 10 Sept (session repeated following week) P
2.00–4.00 Table Tennis W Intermediates & experienced players P
3.00–5.00 A Simple Guide to Islam W 24 Sept, 1, 8 & 15 Oct 2024 P
3.15–5.15 Intermediate Bridge W P
3.45–5.00 Middlesex University Psychology Lectures V See partnership page for details. P
4.30–5.30 Computer Workshop M Last Tuesday P
5.30–6.45 Pickleball W £11 for supervised play P
6.45–8.00 Pickleball W £11 for supervised play P
am Outdoor Sketching V P
10.00–12.00 Classical Music Club W P
10.00–11.30 Hebrew (Ivrit) Conversation W H
10.30–12.30 Walking Wednesdays M P
10.30–12.00 Photography in London F P/Z
10.45–12.45 Bridge Improvers Plus W P
12.30–1.30 Current Affairs 1 F Alternate weeks from Current Affairs 2 H
12.30–1.30 Gentle Yoga W P
2.00–3.00 Cryptic Crosswords — Intermediate W Z
2.00–3.30 Wednesday Afternoon Book Group M P
2.15–4.15 Stained Glass & Glass Mosaic W P
2.30–3.30 Tai Chi on Wednesday W Alternate weeks in person and on Zoom H
3.30–4.30 Cryptic Crosswords — Beginners F From 17 January 2024 Z
3.30–5.00 Current Affairs 2 F Alternate weeks from Current Affairs 1 P
4.00–5.00 Share Watch M 3rd Wednesday P
9.45–10.45 Yoga P
10.00–11.30 Classical Music Online M Usually 1st Thursday Z
10.00–12.30 Bead & Jewellery Making F P
10.30–11.30 News Group F P
2.00–4.00 Bridge–Novices W P
2.00–4.00 Creative Writing M P
2.00–4.00 Sewing Circle W P
2.30–5.00 Play Reading M 2nd Thursday P
2.30–5.00 Art Improvement Workshop F P
2.30–3.30 Tai Chi on Thursday F P
3.00–4.30 Jazz Appreciation M Last Thursday P
3.00–4.30 Monthly Talks M 3rd Thursday (some talks will be on different days of the week) P
3.30–4.45 Cryptic Crosswords — Advanced W Z
5.00–6.30 Climate Emergency M 1st Thursday Z
8.00–9.30 pm Thursday Evening Book Club M 2nd Thursday P
10.15–1.00 Thames Path in London & Other Walks Usually 2nd & 4th Fridays P
10.00–11.00 Learn to Draw & Use Watercolours W Z
11.00–12.30 Shakespeare Study Group 2 F H
11.15–12.45 Pickleball (open seniors) W £12 for supervised play P
2.30 Duplicate Bridge W P
11.00 Sunday Elevenses F Various locations P
5.00–6.30 Pickleball W £12 for supervised play P
Days Out V Members notified by email P
Growing for Pleasure V Members notified by email P
History & Heritage Outings V See monthly newsletter P
Pickleball Taster Sessions V cost: £8 P
Theatre V Members notified by email P
Topical Tipples V P

Can’t find a Group you’d like to join?

Want to brush up your Russian or Portuguese conversation, or discuss an aspect of history, but can’t find a suitable interest group? Let us know what you’re interested in by filling in the form on the Contact page (select “Suggestion for new group(s)” as the subject), and we’ll try to add it to the range of groups offered by HGS U3A.