Member’s Charter

Code of Conduct

Please remember that Group Leaders and others are giving their time and effort voluntarily for the benefit of other members.

A group will only function successfully if all the members show their commitment to it.

Please remember to tell the group leader your membership number when you attend the first session of your group.

If you can’t attend a meeting, please e-mail or telephone with an apology, preferably well before a meeting, but afterwards if you are prevented from attending at the last moment.

Please turn up on time. There will be occasions when problems make this impossible but they should be few. Turning up late interrupts the flow of the group’s activities.

It is thoughtful to contribute to the cost of refreshments if provided during a meeting; a member of the group could be responsible for collecting the money at the start of each meeting.

A good group member will, during discussions, be sensitive to other people and:

  • listen attentively
  • not talk too much
  • avoid dogmatism
  • be aware that some other members may be hesitant
  • allow them time to contribute
  • engage with others by responding explicitly to what they have said

Of course, Group Leaders have responsibilities too. A good Group Leader is a good group member, who learns from the group as well as contributing.

If your group goes on outings, you will be asked to provide an Emergency contact and telephone number to be called in case of accident or illness.