Arts & Crafts

Several groups plan to restart face-to-face sessions in late September. Others will continue online for the time being.

Art Appreciation Outings

Leaders: Linda Davidson & Lyn TobinDining room inside Drapers Hall with portrait of Queen Victoria

Outings to galleries for prearranged guided visits, live film presentations, coffee or lunch before/after session to discuss future activities/current outing.

  • Zoom meetings

Drawing for Beginners—Basic Techniques

Leader: Mary Whiting

A full-year course in drawing techniques for beginners. Structured sessions on basic techniques not often covered in leisure art courses. Chief areas: perspective, shading, the basics of plant drawing, figure drawing and picture composition.

  • Weekly: Monday 11.00 am – 12.30 pm on Zoom

Drawing: Improvers

Leader: Mary Whiting

This course is intended for people who have completed Mary’s Basic Techniques course and want to carry on, or who have had some good drawing experience elsewhere.

  • Monthly: Monday — 2.00–3.30 pm on Zoom

Improve Your Art — Workshop

Leader: Barbara Jackson

Winter Etching © Barbara Jackson

Water colours, drawing, how to compose a picture, how to make a painting.

  • Restarting face-to-face sessions on Thursday 30 September
  • When: Thursday 2.30–5.00 pm
  • Location: Fellowship House, 136a Willifield Way, NW11 6YD
  • Frequency: Fortnightly
  • Contact Hazel Finn for details
  • Important note: Fellowship House requires all attendees to have received both doses of a covid-19 vaccination

Learn how to Draw and use Watercolours

Leader: Shizue Takahashi

Watercolour of a tabby cat asleep

A course for absolute beginners.  Anyone can learn how to draw, according to Shizue Takahshi.  Through many years of teaching, she has developed a simple method based on 3 key principles: Proportion, Angle and Tone.  By understanding these principles, you will be able to draw pictures conveying a sense of light, space and depth. You will also learn how to create fresh/vibrant watercolour paintings.

  • Friday: weekly 10.00–11.00 am on Zoom

Patchwork & Quilting

Leader: Ellen Fattal

Patchwork cushion in various shades of redA friendly stitching group: be inspired to cut up perfectly good fabrics into various shapes; then sew them together to make something beautiful and useful!

Our ongoing Sewing Bee has made quilted baby play mats, larger quilts, bags, pouches, table mats, spectacle cases, seating pads, etc. We share our knowledge of  quilting patterns and techniques.  Members will be advised where to obtain their own items and suitable fabrics.

  • Keeping in contact by email to Group Leader: Ellen Fattal.
  • Members are working on projects.

Photography in London

Leader: Myke Jacobs, assisted by Roger Cookson

Group photo shoots will resume in October, with members sharing their best photos on Zoom two weeks later.

It’s intended to be a fun-oriented group rather than a technocratic, competitive society.

  • Group photo shoots at various locations in London
  • Photo sharing sessions on Zoom
  • When: Wednesday 10.30 am – 12 noon
  • Frequency: Fortnightly
  • Number of places: 15

Sewing Circle

Leader: Diana Darrer

Expert needlewoman Diana Darrer provides members with 9-piece patchwork kits to sew for charity. This is a brilliant opportunity to learn and extend your sewing skills.

  • Restarting in-person sessions on 20 September
  • When: Monday 2.00–4.00 pm
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Location: Leader’s home in NW11

Sit and Knit for a Bit

Leader: Elizabeth Alcock

Let’s all be Tom Daley!

Knitting is alive and well in HGS U3A! This craft group responds to local charity appeals alongside their own projects. The group is designed as a social gathering for all skill levels — from beginners to improvers, to share and learn from each other. Thanks to Tom, we all know that knitting is relaxing and good for our mental well-being!!

  • Members remain in touch by email, telephone, and 1:1 assistance Zoom
  • In-person meetings will resume on 30 September at 7.00 pm at Liz’s home

Stained Glass & Glass Mosaic

Leader: Sharon Cavendish

Designing, cutting coloured glass, and laminating it onto a clear glass panel. Sharon is assuming leadership of this group, which was previously run by Ruth Jacobson.

  • Start date: Wednesday 29 September (provisional)
  • When: Wednesday 2.00–4.00 pm
  • Location: Free Church Hall, Northway, NW11 6PB
  • Frequency: Weekly