Fitness & Wellbeing

All physical activities are designed with the age profile of HGS U3A members in mind, so you’re not expected to be an Olympic athlete, but you must be sufficiently fit to participate.

If in doubt, please contact the Group Leader to discuss whether the group is suitable for you. In some cases, you will be asked to fill in a confidential form disclosing any health issues.


Leaders: Terry Snowman & Eric Wilton

Group of cyclists outside St Judes church

Our cycling group is jointly led by Terry Snowman, an experienced ride leader and route planner, and Eric Wilton. We aim to cycle 15 to 20 miles at a very comfortable pace and to include a coffee stop on our rides. Given our location, some cycling on busy roads is unavoidable but we will always look to find quieter routes, at least in part. All participants must have roadworthy bicycles, of any type, wear a helmet and bring water. As this is the UK, into every ride some rain may fall, so it will always be a good idea to bring rain gear! Rides will only be postponed in the case of extreme weather. Do join us, for any or all of our rides. You’ll be most welcome. For more information contact Eric via or on 07971-019542.

  • When: Tuesday 9.30 am – 1.00 pm
  • Where: Meet outside St Judes Church, South Square

Golden Salsa

Leader: Nubia Merchan

Basic social level Salsa classes. Nubia will also introduce a couple of other rhythms such as Merengue and Cumbia that normally go hand in hand with Salsa in social events.

  • When: Thursday 1.15–2.15 pm
  • Where: Free Church Hall, Northway, NW11 6PB
  • Contact the Joint Groups Organisers for vacancies

Lawn Bowls

Leader: Phyllis Ellis

A group of people playing bowls

The lawn bowls group operates only during the summer. It is an opportunity to try a new sport which is good gentle exercise in the fresh air. An ideal sport for those who think their days on the tennis court or cricket pitch are nearly over. The main ability needed is to be able to bend & hold a bowl which are quite heavy. Full instruction will be given and the sessions will be competitive and fun.
All equipment is provided plus tea & biscuits. The club has a carpark.


  • When: Monday 2.30–4.30 pm
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Location: Temple Fortune Club, 122 Bridge Lane, NW11 9JS
  • Charge: £5 per session (this is the club’s visitor fee)

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

Leader: Mika Hadar-Borthwick

Each session is structured as a mini-course, focusing on specific subjects. The sessions in October will delve into the nature of the mind, emotions and thoughts, the senses, and the connection between mind and body.

In December, we’ll explore topics related to poise, responses to stimuli, and the presence of mind and body.

  • Temporarily paused
  • All sessions on Zoom
  • When: Tuesday 12.00–1.00 pm
  • Please contact the Joint Groups Organisers for the Zoom link


Contact: Philip Brodie

Due to lack of numbers, it has been decided to disband the HGS u3a Pickleball group and merge forces with Lemon Pickleball. Members are encouraged to continue playing in the Open Senior sessions organised by Lemon Pickleball which provides court hire and equipment at Christ’s College Finchley, East End Road, N2 0SE on Sunday (17.00–18.30) and Tuesday (17.30–18.30).

Contact the joint groups organisers for further information.


Leader: Beverly Okeke
Beverly has been practicing Pilates for years and has recently qualified as an instructor with the aim of sharing the benefits she’s personally experienced. The main aim of this class is to condition the deeper, supporting muscles of your body to improve strength, posture, balance and coordination.

The class is aimed at beginners to Pilates with modifications available to accommodate different abilities and progressions for anyone wanting a little bit more of a challenge. All attendees should bring a yoga mat, a Pilates block or cushion if you require them, and dress in light, comfortable clothing.

  • When: Friday morning
  • Where: Free Church Hall, Northway, NW11 6PB
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Please contact the Joint Groups Organisers to enquire about vacancies

Table Tennis — Social

Leaders: Michelle Royston & Ashok Sharma

Table tennis bats and ball

Come along and learn or play as you wish. Table tennis can improve mental health, reducing the risk of depression, anxiety and developing self-esteem as well as developing mental agility, motor skills, balance and coordination.

As little as 10 minutes of regular moderate exercise can bring great benefits.

    • When: Tuesday
      • 12.00–1.00 pm (for beginners and intermediates)
      • 1.00–2.00 pm (for beginners and intermediates)
      • 2.00–4.00 pm (for intermediates and experienced players)
    • Frequency: Weekly
    • Where: Free Church Hall, Northway, NW11 6PB
    • Number of places: maximum of 20 people per session
    • Charges: £10.00 per term

Tai Chi on Wednesday

Leader: Shahin Daneshi

This class is a  combination of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Raja yoga meditation. This is a gentle mindful practice, that promotes peace and wellbeing. Each session will cover Tai chi and Qi Gong practice and their philosophy in addition to Raja yoga. Raja yoga  focuses on pratyahara (control of the five senses), dharna (concentration), and dhyana (meditation).

The benefits include improving flexibility and coordination, strength, balance and a general feeling of calm and ease. You can bring a yoga mat or sit on a chair for the meditation part.

The class will alternate each week between in-person and online sessions.

  • When: Wednesday 2.30–3.30 pm
  • Where: Free Church Hall, Northway, NW11 6PB
  • Frequency: Weekly

Tai Chi on Zoom

Leader: Shahin Daneshi

On alternate weeks, Shahin conducts the Tai Chi class on Zoom. This enables us to provide a class for more people than can be accommodated in the Free Church Hall, as well as for members who are unable to attend the in-person sessions. Please contact the groups organisers for the Zoom link.

  • When: Wednesday 2.30–3.30 pm

Tai Chi on Thursday

Leader: Shizue Takahashi

Tai Chi releases tension in the body and improves balance, breathing, circulation, and concentration.

  • When: Thursday 2.30–3.30 pm
  • Where: Free Church Hall, Northway, NW11 6PB
  • Frequency: Fortnightly
  • Number of places: 16

Walking Groups

Walking to keep fit and enjoy pleasant company. See Outdoor Activities.


Leader: Sarah Dewdney

Yoga pose

Sarah has been practising yoga for over 15 years and became a teacher to share the mental and physical benefits with others. The class will be a gentle, slow-moving Hatha based one. Starting with warm-up movements, Yin yoga poses, grounding, pranayama (breath-work), sun salutation, standing and seated asana. Finishing with floor based sequence culminating in savasana, to absorb the physical practice.

Modifications can be made in any pose, yoga is a personal practice in which you work with what you have. It is about making a connection with your breath, body and mind.

All attendees should bring a yoga mat and blocks, if you require them, and dress in light, comfortable clothing.

  • When: Thursday 9.45–10.45 am
  • Where: Finchley Youth Theatre, 142 High Road, East Finchley, N2 9ED (near East Finchley tube; parking available in side roads)
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Number of places: Currently a waiting list

Gentle Yoga

Leader: Michal Benaim

Our teacher Michal says: This class is for those who are seeking gentler work that will listen to your body and your needs. My aim is to make you feel better after the class than when you first walked in. Yoga is a non-judgmental practice that invites everyone at all levels or stages in life to practice. 

I have been practising yoga for over 20 years and in the last couple of years have qualified as a Hatha Yoga instructor.

The class will be held at the Free Church Hall, Northway, London NW11 6PB on Wednesdays. Please contact the u3a group organisers regarding availability.