Members on their Own

Members on their Own (MOTO)

Administered by Eleanor Levy

MOTO is a group specifically for members who are on their own—either through choice or circumstances such as bereavement—to meet and socialize with others in the same situation, usually at weekends. The group was run successfully by Diana Abramova for a couple of years, organizing Sunday teas and occasional outings. Regrettably, Diana has had to withdraw. Until we can find someone to coordinate the wider group, MOTO is in abeyance, although the Bridge and Rummikub sub-groups continue.

If you are a member of HGS U3A, live on your own, and would like to help organize events for others in a similar situation, please contact Eleanor Levy (her contact details are on the MOTO page of your Member’s Handbook). Also contact Eleanor if you would like to join MOTO Bridge or MOTO Rummikub.

The Executive Committee is grateful to Diana Abramova for all her hard work on behalf of Members on their Own.