Members on their Own

Members on their Own (MOTO)

Facilitated by Eleanor Levy

In common with some other U3As, we have established MOTO — a group specifically for members who are on their own. The main purpose is to enable members who live on their own to meet and socialize with others in the same situation, usually at weekends.

MOTO groups are self-supporting, whose members decide for themselves how they want to arrange their activities.  Once a MOTO group reaches 50 another is formed.  All MOTO members are advised of activities available. If you’re a member of HGS U3A, live on your own, and are interested in joining MOTO, please fill in the following form.

There are sub-groups dedicated to specific activities,  open to all MOTO members.  These include, Bridge, Cinema & Theatre, Rummikub. If you are interested in joining any of these sub-groups, please contact Diana Abramova in the first instance.